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How To Use Alexa Analytics To Certify Your Site Metrics

Are you looking for how to use Alexa Analytics to certify your site metrics? In this post, I will be showing you how to use Alexa Analytics and make sure Alexa is really ranking your site based on your pageviews and visitors. This is important, instead of allowing a top site ranker like Alexa to actually estimate your site pageviews and visitors. It’s better you offer them your site actual daily views on a platter of gold. This is what Alexa calls certifying your metrics.

How To Certify Your Metrics On Alexa

How To Use Alexa Analytics

If you want to actually certify your site metrics with Alexa, then you need to learn how to use Alexa Analytics. Firstly, you have to open an account with them. There’s no two ways about it, you have to pay to be able to place a code on your website. But there’s a catch to it, Alexa offers a one month free trial on an Agency Account and a 14 days trial on the normal Advanced Account.

This means you should be able to certify your site metrics within 14 days if you create the normal Advanced account which apparently costs just $149. Alexa says you won’t be charged the $149 till after your 14 days free trial. This means you can actual place the code on your site for free and subsequently deliver your daily pageviews and visitors to Alexa. Just follow the steps below.

• After creating your account, click on the “Certify Your Site Metrics” tab.

• Next, you’ll be given a code to place on the head tag of your website’s HTML and on your AMP pages head and body tag as well.

How To Use Alexa Analytics

Those using WordPress can install the Alexa official plugin to easily place the code on the plugin, without having to place the code manually on their website. Unlike Google Analytics, once you place the code on your website, you can scan the website on Alexa to know if the code is actually working and placed correctly.

Once the code has been placed correctly, Alexa will now get the direct measurement of your sites traffic and rank you where you actually belong. This is important for bloggers, since investors often use Alexa rank to know a site’s worth before paying for an ad. So guys, this is how to use Alexa Analytics to certify your site metrics. You can leave a comment below for any questions you want to ask. We will also be reviewing the Alexa platform soon, just like we reviewed Coinpayments.net and Trezor Wallet.


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