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Instagram Direct Message Disappeared: Easy Ways To Fix It

What will you do when an Instagram direct message disappeared, and you’ve forgotten what the person sent? Privacy is important on social media, and most social media platforms ensure your privacy while using their platform by ensuring that random strangers don’t just burst into your timeline. Instagram allows people to send a message request to people they’re not following, but the recipient has to accept the message request before the conversation can begin. This helps prevent spam and trolling.

However, there are times you saw a direct message, but it suddenly disappears maybe after a few days. In this post, we’ll demystify this phenomenon by telling you what causes it and what to do. We all have to know why a Instagram direct message disappeared.

Where To Find Instagram Direct Messages

First, let’s start with where to find direct message requests on your Instagram account. Instagram doesn’t show you that you have a pending message request. You have to go to your inbox to find out if someone is trying to reach you! It’s not cool, but that’s how it is for now. Direct message requests are saved separately from normal messages because the senders are not following you. To view the direct message requests:

• Click the home button
• Click the airplane icon
• Just below the search bar, you’ll see message request with “number of requests”
• Click on the number of requests, and click accept or decline.

What To Do Next?

You can view the direct message and the sender won’t know unless you click the accept button. This is great in knowing the content of the message before you choose to accept to chat with the person or not. Once you accept, the sender will be able to see if you’ve read the message and can send subsequent messages. If you decline the request, however, the sender will have to send another message request to you again if he wishes to chat with you.

Instagram direct message disappeared

Why Instagram Direct Message Disappeared

First, let’s find out why Instagram direct message disappeared or why the request may disappear. Below are some of the reasons:

  1. It might just be a bug from Instagram. This happens rarely but it’s possible as some users have reported this. That a direct message request disappears after a few days.

  2. The sender has unsent the message. If the sender of the message unsends the message, the message request will disappear from your list.

  3. You declined the message request. Once you decline a direct message request, it’s removed from the list of requests in your messages. The only way to get it back is if the sender sends the message again.

  4. The message request has been there for a month. As noticed by some Instagram users, if you a message request has been waiting in your inbox, once it’s up to a month, it disappears. Maybe Instagram assumes that if you don’t decide to accept someone’s chat invitation for a month, then you probably don’t wish to chat with the person at all.

How to Recover Instagram Message That Disappeared

Once a message request disappears, there’s nothing really you can do to get it back. If you really need to chat with the person and you know the handle, search for the person and send them a message request. Once they accept your message request, you’ll be able to see them in your inbox.

Instagram direct message disappeared

From what we’ve noticed through user comments, the request might disappear if you viewed it without accepting or declining. So, if you don’t plan to take action on a message request, maybe you shouldn’t open it yet. Also, don’t leave the request lying around for too long. As we said earlier, if it’s up to 30 days, it might disappear.

If you’ve noticed any other cause why Instagram direct message disappeared, please leave them as a comment below to help others. Or if you know of a solution we didn’t mention, kindly share.


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