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Trezor Wallet Supported Coins: Android App, Review and Price

See all Trezor wallet supported coins, download the android app, read wallet review, price and where to buy the wallet online. Trevor is known to be the safest and cheapest way to easily store and transfer your cryptocurrencies. It’s one of the safest way to keep your cryptocurrencies safe and far away from hackers. There’s no way malware or any of that will get close to your coins.

Trezor means Vault in Czech language, letting you know all your cryptocurrencies will be safe and locked away from hackers and preying eyes on the internet. The hardware wallet literally takes all your coins offline and applies several security measures. You can call it a USB dongle, but Trezor wallet is more than that. It gives you access to your coins anyday and anytime even on an insecure wallet.

Trezor Wallet Review and Features

Trezor Wallet

With the sneak peak given above you will have a clue of what the hardware wallet is all about. It calls itself the “Bitcoin Safe” and now we know why. With Trezor, your cryptocurrencies are protected by a PIN you choose. There’s also a 24-word code you have to use to recover your coins if your Trezor wallet get stolen or lost.

The attack on your wallet with Trezor are severely restricted because it practically doesn’t exist for hacking. The wallet automatically restricts any communications with any hardware, software or device. The wallet doesn’t have batteries, Bluetooth, cameras, WiFi or any of that. If you don’t plug it to a computer it’s literally offline and can’t be hacked or accessed.

How To Use Trezor Wallet

If you want to use Trezor Wallet to receive bitcoins or any altcoins, you need to download the myTREZOR plug-in.

• Simply go to http://trezor.io (you can also buy the wallet on the website).

• You will be asked to create a pin as a first time user and save your recovery seed.

• It’s time to look for the eye icon, the icon has an address that should match hmthe one appearing on your TREZOR hardware screen.

• You have to wait for like 15 minutes, once you see a date and time in this column, the money is yours.

• You can also click the send tab on the plugin to send funds to any bitcoin or altcoins address you want.

• Enter your pin and confirm the transaction.

Trezor Wallet Android App Download

If you want to have access to your funds on your Android smartphone then you need to download this app. It allows you set up and control your Trezor wallet on your phone or tablet. This should obviously eliminate the need to use a desktop computer if you’re a core Android user. Simply download below and enjoy.

Download Trezor Wallet Android App

Trezor Supported Coins

Trezor Wallet

Below are some of the coins supported by Trezor, it currently supports more 600 coins. Go offline and store all your coins with Trezor hardware wallet which is one of the safest ways to store your coins.

Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
• Ripple (XRP)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
• Stellar (XLM)
• Litecoin (LTC)
• Cardano (ADA)
• Monero (XMR)
• Dash (DASH)
• Ethereum Classic
• Zcash (ZEC)
• Qtum (QTUM)
• Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
• Decred (DCR)
• DigiByte (DGB)
• Dogecoin (DOGE)

See All Trezor Wallet Supported Coins Here


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