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How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account Easily In Two Steps

Looking for how to recover a hacked Facebook account easily in two steps? For many individuals, Facebook is essentially the whole of their online presence. With photos of your children and pets, a lot of companions and individual information, you don’t generally need another person getting to your account.

The end isn’t near if your Facebook account has been hacked, however, as there is an entirely good account recovery strategy. You ought to recover your valuable Facebook account in a matter of seconds. Yes, you can learn how to recover a hacked Facebook account here.

Hacking Facebook accounts is one of the drifting points on the Internet. Numerous individuals turn into a casualty of Facebook hacking, in that the greater part of them aren’t ready to recover their hacked account because of the absence of attention to recovery strategies. These recovery choices will enable you to recover your account effectively or help you learn how to recover a hacked Facebook account.

1. Forgot Password or Password Changed

• Go to Facebook Forgot Password option

• Enter your email or mobile number or username or name in the content box and snap seek.

how to recover a hacked Facebook account

• You should see your profile with the recovery email address and mobile number assuming any. Select the mobile number or email address that you can get to the present moment and afterward click Continue.

• Check your inbox if you pick email or if you chose mobile number get the recovery code. Enter the recovery code to proceed.

• That’s everything. Create a new password and you should be able to access your Facebook account.

how to recover a hacked Facebook account

2. Recover A Hacked Facebook Account By Reporting It

• First, go to facebook.com/hacked and click “Your account has been Compromised”.

• At that point type in your email address, Login name, Full Name or your Phone No.

• For this stage, you get the opportunity to enter your account’s password. Well in the event that you knew the password you won’t be here at any rate, because you don’t have the foggiest idea about your new password the Hacker’s changed, enter your old password. The password that you use, to go into your account before you got HACKED.

Since you entered an old or very wrong password, a page will come up. Simply click the “reset my password” button.

• Your primary email would have been changed, so obviously you would prefer not to send your “reset your password” mail to the hacker’s account in this way, so, Click “no longer have access to these?”.

• Enter the new email address that you need to send the change password mail to and set as your primary email.

• Follow the subsequent instructions and you would have your account in 24 hours.


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