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Predictcoin launches PRED on the Binance Smart Chain

A crypto assets price prediction DAO known as Predictcoin has made a debut on the Binance Smart Chain and we can’t wait for the much anticipated ICO.

According to the whitepaper seen on the project’s website, the platform would showcase experienced predictors and allow newbies to actually see what the predictors have to predict for the week.

Going with the flow of decentralized finance, there would also be staking and farming of PRED, which is the governance token of Predictcoin.

PRED is reported to have a total supply of 100,000 with an initial supply of only 25,000, while the rest would be earned through staking/farming and the remaining used as liquidity.

The project offers a “forever staking & farming” environment on it’s DApp, while maintaining a capped total supply. This is made possible with the devs implementing various usecases to earn the token back and always distribute them to stakers and farmers.

The Binance Smart Chain is currently being dominated by defi giant Pancakeswap Pancakeswap, with other projects either being a clone or offering similar usecases as the aforementioned. However, Predictcoin looks to have clear usecases and goals set out to give them an edge when compared to other projects.

With meme tokens like Safemoon, Shiba Inu and others making waves of late, it’s refreshing to see a serious project that can actually offer real value once again.

When Can I Buy Predictcoin?

As of the time of writing this, the token’s Twitter handle hasn’t mentioned when or where its PRED token would be available for trading. The project teased on their first medium post with “Predictcoin is coming”, then later we saw the token has been moved from testnet to mainnet. According to their Twitter, they also hinted that the team have been working on the project for months now.

One thing is for sure, the project would be big on BSC thanks to its usecases and uniqueness. If you’re anticipating the project’s ICO as much as we are, then you should join their growing community on Telegram.

Please NOTE that you should always make your research before aping into any project. MobileCryptoTech.com won’t be held responsible for your losses, if any.


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