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Best Ethereum Wallet App and Sites To Store Your Coins

Are you looking for the best Ethereum wallet app and sites to store your coins safely? Here, I will be listing the best for you so you can store your coins safely. Ethereum has experienced massive growth these past couple of years, this had made a lot of people to buy and store the coins. However, you need a very safe and secure wallet to store your coins if you want to avoid hearing stories that touch.

best Ethereum wallet app

In this post, I will be showing you the best of the best wallets (sites and app) to store your Ethereum. Not everyone wants to have a Hardware wallet, it might get stolen or missing. But when your coins are online, you’re guaranteed of getting access to your coins even after your device gets stolen or missing. If you’re looking for the best Ethereum wallet app and sites to store your coins then you’re on the right page.

1. Blockchain.info

Blockchain is my best pick for newbies who wants to store Ethereum. You’re guaranteed your coins are safe even while you sleep. Blockchain has been around for a while, you can store your Bitcoins as well. Although you can see the full list of the best Bitcoin wallet we made. If you’re a app kind of person, you can install the official Blockchain app for Android.

2. Coinbase.com

Coinbase is one of the global and popular wallets for Cryptocurrencies, and also one of the best Ethereum wallet app. Fortunately, you can also store your Ethereum with them, their transfer rates are also very cheap and considerate. Another good thing is the company’s official app for Android which lets you get access to your coins just by opening an app.

3. MyEtherWallet.com

Popularly known as the official Ethereum Wallet, this free open-source wallet safely stores all your Ethereum online. It lets you interact with your Ethereum blockchain securely as well. It’s also easy to send and receive using the platform. You don’t need to worry about your coins as they are in a safe place.

4. Freewallet.org

As the name suggests, Freewallet is a free and secure wallet that securely stores your Ethereum for free. It’s one of the best Ethereum wallet app and prides itself as the ether wallet you will be confident with. The assets are stored in an offline vault, so you don’t have to worry about any malicious activity. For quick and easy access to your wallet, there’s an official Android app you can download as well.

5. Jaxx

If you strictly need an Ethereum wallet app that doesn’t have a site, then Jaxx should be your best Ethereum wallet app. It provides a unified experience across devices, you can also store Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin on the platform. Before you get started you have to download the app from the Google Play Store and create your wallet.


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