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Best Bitcoin Wallet App and Sites To Store Your Coins (100% Safe)

Are you looking for the best Bitcoin wallet app and sites to store your coins safely? In this post, I will be showing you the best of the best wallets for your bitcoin so you don’t have to worry about your coins getting missing or stolen. Over the years, we have all seen Bitcoin price soar as high as possible, making investors to see Bitcoin as an untapped investment platform.

Best Bitcoin Wallet App and Sites

Best Bitcoin Wallet App

According to so many cryptocurrency Investors, one of the best ways of making money from Bitcoin and other altcoins is to buy and then wait. Although, you can make money from trading cryptos, but that is more risky. When you buy Bitcoin for the future and you’re waiting and hoping for the price to go up, you have to make sure the Bitcoin is 100% safe. How do you do that? Store your coins in a safe and secured wallet. You must be asking, what wallets are secure? Below, I will be listing the best Bitcoin wallet app and sites.

1. Blockchain.info

Recommended as the gateway to novice in the crypto world. If you’re about to start storing Bitcoin for the first time, then you need to have a Blockchain.info wallet. It’s currently the most safest wallet to store your Bitcoins, fortunately the company also have an Android app which you can download and enjoy. Nonetheless, I recommend you visit the website to open your wallet before using the app.

2. Block.io

Block.io is the second safest site to store your Bitcoin. If you don’t want a hardware wallet and you don’t like Blockchain for any reason, then you need to visit this site. Unlike Blockchain, you can login to your Block.io wallet with your email address. You can rest assured that your coins are safe as well.

3. Coinbase.com

This secure Bitcoin wallet is one of the best Bitcoin wallet app you can store your coins. It’s more than a platform for buying, selling and transferring, you can store your coins as well and it’s 100% safe. It’s the easiest and most secure crypto wallet you can think of. You can create your wallet on the site and download the Coinbase Android app to monitor your coins at anytime.

4. BTC.com

This is a leading bitcoin wallet to store all your Bitcoin, unlike others, you want to to try this one out, it’s very easy to use. Apart from being easy to use, it’s safe and user-friendly, the perfect wallet for those new to the crypto world. You are in full control of your funds anyday and anytime, you can also download the BTC Android app BTC Android app to be in total control.

5. Localbitcoins.com

This site has proved times without number that it’s one of the best Bitcoin wallet, it’s been running for years now and has its own Localbitcoins Wikipedia page. Although it was designed as a platform for local trading of the cryptocurrency and acts as an escrow for such trade. But look on the bright side, you will be able to buy bitcoin with your local currency or sell and get the money (also in your local currency) to your Bank account at anytime of the day.


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