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How to detect WordPress Theme of a website: Two Simple Methods

Looking for how to detect WordPress theme of a website? It’s a sluggish Friday evening, and keeping in mind that you’re making some research to fixing some issue yourself, or taking a gander at your rivals, you discover a website that catches your eye. In that exact minute, you ask yourself: “What WordPress theme is that?” I guess this sounds like something you’ve said in your life, at any rate once.

Today it’s time to finally get an answer here for how to detect the wordpress theme a website is using. We previously showed you guys how to Take ScreenShot of PC Screen and Fix WiFi Issues on Windows 10.

Method 1: Using WordPress Theme Detector Websites to detect WordPress theme

Trust it or not, good-natured software engineers have really thought of an application to detect the WordPress theme that a page is utilizing.

Those applications have a simple to recall name: WordPress Theme Detector. You can use wpthemedetector.com, scanwp.net or some other one that surfaces in your google search result for “WordPress Theme Detector”.

how to detect WordPress theme

• Step 1: Copy the URL of the page where you saw that great theme.

• Step 2: Open the WordPress Theme Detector application.

• Step 3: Paste the URL from that page with the theme you cherish so well.

• Step 4: Click “Analyze” or basically press the enter key on your keyboard.

• Step 5: The outcome will appear underneath where you pasted the URL.

• Stage 6: Copy that theme title and go get it on WordPress or google search.

That was most likely excessively basic. A few people like things to be somewhat progressively entangled and quite possibly WordPress Theme Detector doesn’t detect that specific theme or the theme you are seeing is a changed adaptation of a WordPress layout or parent theme. All things considered, we’ll demonstrate to you a second technique for discovering which WordPress theme a website is using.

Method 2: Viewing the website source code

how to detect WordPress theme

• Step 1: Goto the website you’re interested in and right-click on any part of the page and click “view page source” or simply click ctrl+U.

• Step 2: Browser will open a page full of codes. Look for a URL that has “style.css”. You can easily do this by clicking ctrl+F to open a search box and type in “style.css”. Click the link.

• Step 3: A new tab will be launched to open the css file. At the very top of the page, you should see “Theme name”, which tells you the name of the theme. You can google search the theme name to find where you can download it.


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