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Instagram Action Blocked: How To Unblock It In 3 Seconds

The Instagram action blocked pop-Up notification is always annoying whenever it pops up. So, you’re viewing videos and photos on your timeline, reading savage comments, then you try to make a post and you see the pop-up “This action was blocked” with some other messages. It’s frustrating, so we’ll be going over some ways to overcome the challenge. Quite a number of Instagram users have experienced this. It can be disheartening seeing that Instagram has blocked your account from performing certain actions.

What Is Action Blocked On Instagram?

First, we need to tell you what it means when you see the message “This action was blocked”, that is, what could have triggered it. The error must have been triggered by one of the following:

• You’ve been unfollowing or following too many people within a short. This is synonymous to the activity of bots, so Instagram flags your account which results in the error.

• You’ve made the same comment on too many pictures. This is also something bots would do, so Instagram flags the account.

• You’ve been messaging too many users recently. Sending messages to too many users in a short while is suspicious and could be spamming, so Instagram flags it.

• You’ve been liking too many pictures recently.

• You’ve been using a bot to like photos message users or comment on photos. Instagram has a bot detector that checks irregular activities on an account and to detect bot activities.

No, you don’t have to pay any money to unblock an action. Bottom line is, Instagram thinks you’re a bot, so you need to prove otherwise to them. So, how do we resolve this?

Instagram action blocked

1. Use another Device or switch to data

• Step 1: If you’re seeing the message “This action was blocked”, it means Instagram has blocked your IP address from performing certain actions. IP Addresses are attached to your internet connection.

• Step 2: So, if you’re using a data connection, you can simply use another browser which will automatically change your IP address so you can access Instagram. Since the new IP Address is not in the list of banned IP Addresses on Instagram.

• Step 3: If you’re using WiFi, simply switching browser won’t solve the problem cos you’ll still be using the same IP address provided by the internet service provider. Hence, you need to switch to a data connection or connect to another WiFi if available.

2. Wait for 24 hours

The block on an IP Address is not usually permanent and generally lasts 24 hours or less. So, you can just wait it out for 24 hours, and then try to perform the action again.

You might not need to wait that long, so you can check back after a few hours to see if you’ve regained the ability to comment, like a post or message a user. Or just to know if the Instagram action blocked pop-up still appears.

3. Delete Instagram third-party Apps

There are a lot of apps that help to generate likes, follow multiple people in a short period, and other stuff. If you’re using any of these apps, you have to uninstall it right away in order to have your freedom back. Most of these apps do not restrict users from abusing their features, so many users overdo it and once Instagram detects, they block you from performing certain actions.

4. Link your Instagram account to Facebook

Since Instagram thinks you’re a bot, a quick way to convince them otherwise is to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account if you’ve not done so before. Doing this will add credibility to your account and improve the change of getting your account unblocked after 24 hours.

Connecting your Instagram account is quite easy, it’s better than having to face the Instagram action blocked pop-up. Simply click the 3 lines on your profile, click on settings, scroll to linked accounts, select Facebook and click sign in. That’s all.

Instagram action blocked

Hopefully, you’ll get your account back once you follow the steps above after the Instagram action blocked saga. But we need to tell you how to avoid this situation in the future.

  1. Don’t use bots on your account.
  2. Don’t post the same comment on multiple pictures.


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