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Rance Protocol deploys on Bitgert Chain set to Insure BRC20 tokens

Rance Protocol a decentralized cross-chain price shield insurance protocol known for allowing users to buy insured coins from the platform has further expanded to a fourth chain, Bitgert Chain.

Currently, the protocol is deployed on 4 chains, which includes BNBChain, Polygon, Cronos and now Bitgert Chain, the world’s first zero gas fee blockchain where users pay close to almost nothing to transact and Interact with the chain.

Two weeks ago, the protocol announced they were building and expanding to Bitgert Chain via their Twitter channel, which was also confirmed by the Bitgert team through their account on the same platform.

Yesterday, the Protocol announced that the deployment has been finalized and users can now buy BRC20 tokens (tokens on the Bitgert Chain) and get them automatically insured. This means after buying coins from the protocol, users can bring back the coins at a later date and get the initial liquidity they purchased the coins.

The 3 tokens available for insurance coverage and protection on the chain are BRISE, BNB & SPHYNX, which is the token of the largest DEX on the chain. BRISE BEP20 was also listed on the BNBChain side of Rance Protocol for users who are core users of the popular chain from the world’s largest CEX.

The insurance protocol already allow users to buy and insure over 50+ coins across 3 chains, with more coins being added weekly, according to their Twitter announcements. It also looks like they plan to expand to more chains with the recent integration with Bitgert Chain.

Users who buy their coins from the protocol will experience zero loss on their investments. They get to profit when the coins they bought from the protocol increase in value and get to return the coin to the protocol to get their initial liquidity when the coin they bought decrease in value.


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