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How To Be A Yahoo Boy And Make Money From Yahoo Yahoo

In this post, we will be looking at how to become a yahoo boy and make money from yahoo yahoo. Yahoo yahoo is one of the easy ways Nigerians make money on the internet. Although we don’t support this, but if you really want to make some online through this trick then stay with us as we show you the easy tips and tricks.

A lot of people go over the top to include “PLUS” to the method just to make some money online. You don’t need any Yahoo Plus to make money from yahoo yahoo. Below, I will be showing you all the things you need and how to cash out easily without even going to the bank or western union to get the money.

Yahoo Boy Format: Things You Need To Start Yahoo Yahoo

how to become a yahoo boy and make money from yahoo yahoo

• Laptop: You can start a successful yahoo yahoo career or become a yahoo boy with having a Laptop. You need a standard Laptop with at least 4GB of RAM to enable you multitask through dating apps.

• Smartphone: Of course, you need a smartphone with at least 3GB RAM to be able to keep up with clients while on the road. This will enable you to download dating apps from the Play Store as well, where you can meet potential clients.

• Dating Apps: You need to download lots of dating apps on your phone, you can never tell where your next client is. I recommend Facebook and OkCupid . Alternatively, you can go to the Play Store and search “Dating Apps” then you can download the ones with the most downloads.

How To Start A Yahoo Boy Career

• Create A Profile Online: What do you do and who are you? How will your clients see you? Do you want to be a male or female? Which country will you claim you come from? You can also lie about being a soldier in a foreign country or an expatriate in a foreign country.

Or you can be a little honest and be a lover that is sick and needs money to survive. Just make sure you have a profile with that name on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Learn How To Be A Yahoo Boy

I laugh when people say they want to learn how to become a yahoo boy, although it does sound practical. You don’t need to learn from anyone, they might end up scamming you. Just launch any of the data apps you download and try making friends with a lot of people. If that doesn’t work, you can try registering on sites like Chaturbate.com and go live. If you’re sexy enough, the people you want to attract will start tipping you.

How To Cash Out From Yahoo Yahoo

Cryptocurrency is the way to go, it’s the future currency and very anonymous. If anyone wants to send you money, we recommend you tell them to send it to you through Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrencies you can get access to. This will keep the business anonymous and won’t implicate you.

Disclaimer: We do NOT support this in anyway, this article was written for information purposes.


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