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How to send files from phone to PC with Xender: Easy tricks

Are you looking for how to send files from phone to PC with Xender? Xender is a portable application that gives clients a chance to transfer files over wifi. It is an extremely quick and productive file transfer application for Android, iOS, and Windows phone. Xender web is an element that enables clients to connect their Xender application to a PC consequently. In this post, we’ll teach you how to send files to your PC from phone using xender.

How to send files from phone to PC with Xender

Xender web connects to your PC through web connection. You could transfer archives, applications, music, recordings, and pictures from your smartphone to your PC. The Xender we highlight can likewise be utilized to play media files, see pictures on a smartphone without sending them to the PC.

In the previous decade, Bluetooth was the ablest and quicker instrument utilized for information transfer. Transferring files from phones to PC can be distressing most particularly when you don’t have a USB link close you. At that point the best elective will be to utilize that strange Bluetooth, which is very exhausting and moderate in file transfer. It takes like everlastingly to send and get enormous files, and you can’t think to share those intriguing motion pictures.

You don’t should be stressed over this anymore as there is some quicker application you can use to transfer even extensive files and sight and sound with fast. Follow the steps below to share files from your phone to PC, or maybe you just want to know how to send files from phone to PC with Xender in the future.

How to send files from phone to PC with Xender

First, you should download Xender on your smartphone. I surmise you as of now have the Xender file transfer application introduced.

• Open Xender App on your phone

• Click on the blue plane button for sending

• Click on “PC/Mac.”

• Click the “create hotspot” button

• You will at that point be prompted to connect your PC to the Wi-Fi named “Xender_******”

• Open your web program (Google Chrome ideally)

• Enter the web address appeared on the phone: ******************

• After entering the web address in the Chrome program, you will be incited to “Accept” an affirmation message on your phone to connect the devices

• Once you hit the “Accept” button, you will be taken to a page on the PC where it shows the name of your device, folders, files etc

• Locate the file that you need to transfer

• Place the cursor on the file and a download button will show up on the file

• Click on the download button. The file will at that point be downloaded into the PC download folder.

There you have it! You have successfully transferred a file to your PC


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