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Branch Loan Customer Care Number and How To Contact Them

In this post, i will be listing the Branch Loan Customer Care number, how to chat with them online, email addresses and their social media profiles so you can quickly reach them. There are lots of reasons why you might want to reach out to Branch international, the company is known for giving loans online. The same way you might want to contact Walmart when you want to buy online.

Branch Loan Customer Care

You might want to make enquiries, to know the rates, interest and how to request for a loan. Although, we have listed everything you might want to know about Branch Loan in our previous article. But there might still be something you want to know about the Loans that you want to hear directly from the company. Below, we will be listing all the ways you can reach them and get in touch with them directly. We did the same thing for those that wants to contact ExxonMobil.

Branch Loan Customer Care Number and Office

Currently, the company doesn’t accept phone calls and they don’t have a physical address either. So, you can’t call them or visit them. Nonetheless, you can reach them by using the alternative contact options below.

Branch Loan Email Address

Users living in Nigeria and outside Nigeria can send a mail to the email address below:

• support@branch.co

While those living in Nigeria should send a mail to the email address below:

• Nigeria@branch.co

Branch Loan Social Profiles

You can also reach them through their social profiles below. This might come in handy if you want them to reply to your complaints or enquiries soon enough. It depends on the social media platform you like to use, Twitter or Facebook.

• Twitter: @branch_co
• Facebook: facebook.com/branch.co
• Website: www.branch.co


  1. Please you have help but am still having issues to ask please how may I repay you,what is your phone number I want to call you please

  2. I Ave been paying my money and they Ave remove it from my bank account, and you people suppose to alert me and deduct it from your board pls do d correction pls you are giving me a lot of problems

  3. Cant login to make repayment with my debit card but there is showing , we will notify you should about the status of your pending payment…. why?? And today is last date my loan repayment. pleas tell me how can i repayment of your branch app?

  4. I got a loan from your organization. all effort to pay back via my card have failed severally . kindly advice.

  5. Pls my account was debited twice when I was trying to pay my last payment of #2900 today 10/04/2019. Bank:Diamond , acct no 0004448041, acct name Samuel Hensely. Brand loan

  6. They call always we are in 21st century and they call nearly every other day to inform me of my outstanding that was paid 24 Oct, 2018

  7. my ENO ENOBONG AKPAN have been trying to pay my loan since last month up still now i could not make payment due net work is very bad, and i try communicating no reply. please i need to your phone number and also i need your account details so that i can make payment

    • Today is my due date trying to pay with my debit card, and they are asking me for my birthday date of which I have done and still nothing. Pls help me.

  8. Hellooo Branch Loan, I have been trying since two weeks to repay your total sum of loan but I have not been able pay through my debit card, USSD and Bank account

  9. Have struggled to repay my loan but still being told by my Bank that I’m owing, can I be updated pls?


  11. Pls don’t report me , some times a go I wanted to make the payment but I wasn’t with any androidphone, please I need a bank account number and give me just extral a week I make payment of 2400,thank you.

  12. Enter your comment here…please a pin code should sent to me,
    l have been in three different GTB to repay just 4’000 after the long queue from 23rd DEC 2019 ,till today, a pin code will we requested, please and please send my code to me.

  13. my android phone is bad and i want to pay my loan how do i go about it i will be glad if can you deduct from my account

  14. good please i have an outstanding loan to pay. please my phone got stolen so for now i dont have an andriod phone, so please how can i pay my outstanding loan and how will i get a proof that i have paid my debit

  15. How come u people have continued to damage my image with the Credit Bureau even after my business with u ended many years back.I am by this information warning u that if u fail to remove my name from Credit Bureau within 24 hours, I will have no option than taking legal action. Your continued enlistment of my name with the bureau have caused me humongous financial loss.So,be prepared to pay for the damages.


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