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Access Bank Transfer Code and USSD Codes on Mobile Phone

See all Access Bank Transfer Code, USSD codes and transfer limit on mobile phone for mobile banking. Access recently introduced a service for mobile banking for users without using the app. Now, you don’t even need the internet connection to make transactions, send money or even check your account balance.

Access Bank Transfer Code

You just need to dial *901# to register and be able to perform several transaction without stepping leaving your house or using the internet. This service is fast, convenient and secure, you don’t need to be afraid about your funds. You can do it 24/7 anyday and anytime. You don’t need to queue up in a bank or use the internet.

Access Bank Transfer Code

• Dial ×901×2×Amount×NUBAN Account Number# to transfer to other bank account number.

• Dial ×901×1×Amount×NUBAN Account Number# to transfer to Access account number.

You will be prompted to authenticate with your transfer security code. Make sure you dial the codes using the number linked to your account.

Access Bank Transfer Code Charges

For every transaction you make with the USSD codes, you will be charged N50 + N2.00(VAT) = N52.

Access Bank Transfer Limit

For USSD codes banking, the daily transfer limit is N20,000. If you want to transfer more money, you can use the mobile app.


h2>How To Register For Access Bank USSD Banking

• To register, simply dial ×901# from the number linked to your account.

• Follow the prompts to create your pin.

• You will be prompted to input the last four(4) digits of your Access bank ATM Card

• Then you can input a 4 to 6 digits (pin) which will be used for all transaction.

Access Bank USSD Codes

You can also ×901×0# and follow the text prompts to open an account on Access Bank if you don’t have an account with the bank. Although, you will be asked to provide your personal details or your BVN number. You can also buy data on all networks by dialing ×901×8# and following the prompts. Furthermore, you can dial 9015# on your Access Bank registered phone number and input your security code/pin to check balance.


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