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Watch Out For Ethereum This Year – Report

It seems 2019 is about to be a good year for Ethereum which is the second largest cryptocurrency, as it has gone high by 7% and is now trading at $152 despite the downfall it witnessed.

There are so many reports that Ethereum might cut down its power consumption by 99% and this development will make Ethereum the most sought after coin in the cryptocurrency market.

According to Jalak Jobanputra, in an interview with CNBC, she said that the cryptocurrencies will gain so much to their prices this year.

She believed that 2018 was a year of regulation in the cryptocurrency market and Bakkt digital asset exchange that is backed by New York Stock Exchange will also be valued in the cryptocurrency market.

She however stated further that the crypto market witnessed a major increase in their price which paved way for multiple projects in the crypto world in 2017, while 2018 was the worst year ever in the cryptocurrency world.

Despite the fact that others felt the reason for the fall in prices of the coins was due to lack of transparency Jalak simply saw it as a period of translucence. When questioned which coin will stand, she replied by saying “If we turned around, Bitcoin wil simply be around for a very long time, but there’s something about Ethereum”.


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