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India Takes A “Break” From Cryptocurrency

According to the Minister of State for Finance in India, he sees cryptocurrency as a tender assets and advised its citizens to desist from it. The India government in general has stopped all plans in investing in any coin.

The country has been undecided in investing in cryptocurrency and as a result of this it has left india’s crypto traders confused on what to do.

The Cryptocurrency world at large has been very stable as there has been rapid increase in the prices of each coin infact there hasn’t been any drop in the past few weeks.

If the price keeps being like this the price of Bitcoin will definitely go higher than this. Mati Greenspan of eToro has said that the blockchain industry is really growing back in demand.

This is as a result of the stability in the cryptocurrency market, this means that now is the best time to invest in Bitcoin.

According to Max Keiser who is a popular TV host he said that in a decentralized world there will be great importance of bitcoin compared to what we have now.

The inability to adjust to certain developments and adjustments in the present world is hindering Bitcoin from becoming a major currency in the world.

Once the world adjusts to any development and adapt to it, Bitcoin will be the reserve currency around the world.


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