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Golem crawls into the Top 20 with a 22% price bump, Other Cryptos crash

There’s a new entry into the top 20 most capped (coins with the highest market capitalization) cryptocurrencies today. Golem, a global open source decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access.

The new cryptocurrency went from trading at $0.08 earlier today to $0.110 as at the time of writing this. It’s also the only coin in the top 20 cryptomarket that experienced a price increase today.

It wasn’t really a rossy day for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the leading coin dropped to $3,893 from $4,200 after having a nearly good first half of the week.

Although analysts are saying that more drops are expected in the coming days even if there will be a major increase during the coming holidays.

Ethereum also lost 7.9% of the price we saw this morning, going from $116 to 107. Other major cryptocurrencies also lost about 3% to 11% of their prices in an obvious red day.

With Zcash and Dash being the biggest losers, Dash went from close to $100 to $83, losing over 11.05%. While Zcash went from over $80 to $69, losing 11.07% as well.


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