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Ripple enthusiasts blocked by Dogecoin creator, Jackson Palmer

Individuals who are vocal about the Ripple XRP network needs to stay off Jackson Palmer’s Twitter profile or avoid replying his tweets. The Dogecoin founder has been on a blocking spree targeting XRP followers who are vocal about the coin or comparing it with Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is undoubtedly one of the top cryptocurrencies with a large community who call themselves “Shibs”. However, there’s been a bit of mockery about why the coin is still less than a cent ($0.002).

In January 2018, during the major price increase in cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin reportedly reached $0.019, its highest recorded price till date.

Whereas, Ripple which came into the limelight late last year is already trading at $0.36 as of today. Nonetheless, we have to keep in mind that Ripple is a limited coin, while Dogecoin is an unlimited coin, with 5 billion Dogecoins being pumped out yearly.

Well, Jackson Palmer, who is the creator of Dogecoin isn’t having any of the insults any longer. Even though he has been vocal against the Ripple network, he went ahead to create a script that’s dedicated to blocking XRP followers on Twitter.

The script targets those who have been attacking him for his negative comments against the Ripple network. Being more petty, he also invited people to use the open source script which is called “XRP Away” to block XRP followers.


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