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Chinese billionaire, Zhao Dong reveals the best time to buy Bitcoin

A lot of people say a lot of things online and we don’t have to listen or follow what most of them say because it’s their opinion. But when a successful person is giving success advice, it’s best to listen as we can be sure he/she knows what s/he’s talking about.

A lot of people have made profits from cryptocurrency, in particular Bitcoin, while some have lost a lot in cryptocurrency. However, someone who became a billionaire through bitcoin has something to say.

Chinese billionaire Zhao Dong has an advice to everyone and his advice is, go buy bitcoin now. In his opinion, this year 2019 promises to be the best year for bitcoin investment, so crypto enthusiast should go ahead and buy as much bitcoin as they can even though no one is advising them to.

Dong make this pronouncement on a WeChat group as believes in “buy the dip”, which simply means buy bitcoin when it’s at it’s lowest (which is now) and sell when it’s at its highest. This however is against the prevalent belief. Most people sell bitcoin when it’s losing value and only buy bitcoin when it’s gaining value.

Sure, Dong knows what he’s saying as someone who has had ups and down in cryptocurrency. He lost 900 BTC in 2014 and was in huge debt, but his determination kept him going and he’s a bitcoin billionaire today.


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