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Zcash ZEC becomes the best performing Cryptocurrency today

As the cryptomarket is still shivering from the initial price shock that saw billions of dollars varnished in terms of worth. One of the top cryptocurrencies didn’t seem bothered about the price shock today.

Zcash ZEC, a cryptocurrency aimed at using cryptography to provide enhanced privacy for its users saw an increase in price today. The coin reached a total market capitalization of over $370m going from $63 earlier today to $69 as at the time of writing this.

This is coming after China closed down almost 800 thousand bitcoin mining facilities in the country. It was one of the reasons the cryptomarket experienced a massive fall in terms of price.

With the way China is tightening it’s rule against the cryptomarket, there might no future for BTC mining in China and this will definitely affect the market.

BitcoinCashSV which was waxing strong earlier this week has felt the impact that has befallen other cryptocurrencies. It lost about 7.66% in price going from $138 to $112. While Bitcoincash lost 5.78%, going from $196 to $174. Bitcoingold on the other hand lost 3.4% in price as well, going from $18.9 to $17.5.

Bitcoin also dropped by 2.29% in the past 24 hours, going from $3,842 to $3,697. Ethereum, which is still in the second place also decreased in price by 4.03% in price, going from $108 to $104. While Ripple and Dogecoin lost 2.51% and 2.29% to their prices respectively, going from $0.36 to $0.34 and $0.0020 to $0.0019.

Dash went from $93 to $86, losing 3.34%, while Litecoin is surprisingly stable going from $30 to $29 losing just 0.10% in price in the past 24 hours.


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