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Will The 2019 Cryptocurrency Exchange Surpass That Of 2018?

According to a report by a researching firm in the name of Diar, the cryptocurrency exchanges ended the year 2018 with “record transacting volumes”.

Diar also said that that number of trade and trade volumes really increased in 2018 compared to 2017. They however noted that despite the increase in the type of traded cryptocurrencies, the 2019 cryptocurrency exchange might be lower than that of 2017.

They went further to state that the combined trade volume of the USD markets on major United States crypto exchange increased by 21% in 2018 compared to 2017.

The researching firm also stated that the Bitcoin miners revenue in 2018 was over $5.8 billion alone. In January 2018 alone, Bitcoin miners earned $1.2 billion.

Though as the year 2018 went by the monthly figure reduced by 83 percent which made the combined revenue to be $210 million in December 2018.

There were a couple of mining pools in the beginning of 2018 which was led by ASIC the manufacturer of Bitmain and ViaBTC pool.

They held control of over 53 of Bitcoin network’s hash power, but this pool has started in 2019 and as at the time of writing this they just have over 39 of Bitcoin network’s hash power which is not a good development. However, the year is still fresh and we hope the 2019 cryptocurrency exchange surpass that of 2018.


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