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WAX Token Experiences Massive 52% Growth in Seven Days

A platform for blockchain that was designed for gaming in the name of Wax recorded a growth of 52% in the past recent week. The coin was trading at $0.0835 as at seven days ago and it increased seriously to $0.12702 by Sunday morning.

As a result of this, Wax market capitalization went higher from $500,000 to $2.5 million with a powerful movement of over 400%. Though, there has not been any news from the Wax team as to why there was a rapid increase in the crypto worth.

However, after the recent downturn that took place in the Cryptocurrency world in the past few weeks, the cryptocurrency market has being a bit stable in the past 24hours as some of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies gained some worth while few lost out of their prices.

Bitcoin that has been flunctuating in the past few weeks gained 0.14 % to its price in the past 24hours, it went from $6,392 to $6,418. Ethereum which is the second largest currency went high from $209 and now trading at $212 with about 0.18% increase in price.

Ripple gained 3.64 % to its price going from $0.502 to $0.525. Bitcoincash on the other hand lost 0.51 % of its price, it went down from $538 to $527. While Monero gained 0.06% to its worth, it went from $107 to $106. Zcash lost 2.51% of it’s price, going from $131 to $126.


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