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Pakistan’s Central Bank to launch country’s first cryptocurrency

Yesterday, an announcement was made on the official youtube channel of the Pakistan Central bank, known as State Financial Institution (SBP). The announcements states that the institution is working on incorporating virtual forex into their economy by the year 2025. The announcement was made by Jameel Ahmad, the deputy governor of the institution.

A news outlet reported that Pakistan Finance Minister, Asad Umar, made an announcement in this regard while marking the release of the Digital Market Establishments yesterday. The minister directed the federal investigation company and SBP to ensure that the gadgets function as expected in ensuring cybersecurity.

As a reaction to this announcement, the deputy governor of the State Financial Institution opened up that plans are in place to incorporate virtual forex. As has been reported of late, Pakistan is creating a lot of guidelines surrounding cryptocurrency.

Don’t forget that in February, Ukraine announced the completion of their pilot virtual forex scheme, called the ex-hryvnia. In the same month, a post-doctoral research in the College of Luxemborg established the fact that issuing virtual forex (CBDC), sounds too good to be neglected or written off.


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