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More Complete Details About The Upcoming Moto G7 Series Surfaces

The new Moto G7 series are on the horizon, and it promises to be big, adding more polish than ever before at an affordable pricing, it’s time to meet the G7, G7 Play, G7 Power & G7 Plus. If you’re in search of a great phone at a moderate cost in 2019, then you need to take a look at these upcoming series. The devices has already been added to our database, so you can click on the internal links for more details.

The Moto G7 Power is packs 1080p LCD display at 6.24-inch. Like the name suggests, G7 POWER is set to have the best battery capacity out of all, with an in built 5000mAH battery capacity.

Internally, it packs 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage space, with the possibility of expansion through the use of micro SD cards. It features a 13MP rear camera and 8MP selfie camera. It has a price range of $249 – $299.

The Moto G7 Plus appear to have a little teardrop notch and a fair chunk of bezel at the bottom with a Motorola logo. It packs a 1080×2270p LCD display at 6.24 inch for clear visuals.

The rear camera is doubled up at the back with 16MP supported by a 5MP depth sensor. It packs a strong snapdragon 636 with 6GB RAM and an internal storage of 64GB, being the strongest of the bunch. It has a battery capacity of 3000mAH. The price ranges from $399-$499.

The Moto G7 Play appear to have the widest notch of all, with larger notch and a dedicated flash that is facing the front. It’s built around a 720p LCD display at 5.7 Inch. With RAM of 2GB and an internal storage of 32GB, rear camera is a single 13MP and a selfie camera of 8MP. With price ranging from $199 – $249.

While the Moto G7 runs on Qualcomm snapdragon 637 with 4GB RAM with an internal storage 64GB with ability to expand using micro SD cards. It packs 1080p LCD display at 6.24 inch. With a rear camera of 13MP doubled with 5MP, and 8MP selfie camera. It features the same 3000mAh battery on the others, except for the Power variant. Price ranges from $349 – $399


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