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Massive Loss In The Cryptocurrency World

The past few hours has not been good in the cryptocurrency world as most of the Top 10 cryptocurrencies witnessed a little plunge in their prices.

Bitcoin lost 10% from its price yesterday and it has not recovered, it’s price is still the same as at the time of reporting this. Presently, Bitcoin is currently trading at $3,670.

Ethereum which use to be the second largest cryptocurrency before Ripple snatched its spot is still trading below $130 and it has not managed to recover its spot back.

Ripple on the other hand has even made some gains to its price which has made its market capitalization gap to increase to $300 million. The Top 10 cryptocurrencies experience a bit drastic change in price in the past 24 hours.

BitcoinSV and Bitcoincash have the highest gains and they gained 10 and 5 percent to their prices each. Tron also lost most of its recent gains and it lost 9% of its price as at today.

However, there are a lot of greens among the Top 20 coins as at the time of writing this. Ethereum Classic, Binance Coin and Nem are presently leading with 2-3 percent and Zcash lost some percentages in its price again and its currently trading at $55.

Monero also lost out in its price and it’s currently trading at $45. Generally, despite the crash going on in the cryptocurrency world the Total cryptocurrency market capitalization has funnily found a stable level of $123 billion.


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