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Lite.IM: How The Cryptocurrency World Is Evolving

Cryptocurrency is going global each day as new development keeps coming to make cryptocurrencies easier, better and faster for everyone. A company in the name of Lite.IM is giving its users the opportunity to send, receive and secure cryptocurrency through Facebook Messenger.

The Bot of Lite.IM supports four cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and its own native currency, ZTX. However, the company came out to say that they have an idea of what the world will look like if all the ideas of cryprocurrencies are actually actualized.

They see cryptocurrency as a means of financial freedom for people regardless of the region of any individual and also regardless of the skill anyone has acquired.

Lite.IM sees the Facebook Messenger as a means whereby people can have the opportunity to access their cryptocurrency on the internet regardless of the phone the individual is using.

This is a very good move from Lite.IM as they are far ahead of Facebook itself in terms of cryptocurrency payments which makes Lite.IM to be one of the most user friendly cryptocurrency power house.

They also gave people who cannot have access to the internet the opportunity to be able to access their Bitcoin or other cryprocurrencies through sms messaging platform.

Lite.IM also tries to address the concerns of people, they however don’t keep chats of anyone and they are very discreet with information of anyone in their database.

They also have an advanced private key encryption which means that even Facebook cannot have access to their database. This is a great development and it feels good to know that the cryptocurrency world is advancing daily.


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