Home News Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S10 will be available in Cinnabar Red

Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S10 will be available in Cinnabar Red

Details of the upcoming Galaxy S10, S10E and S10 Plus is now pretty well known, including most of its specs. However, more details are popping up everyday. Today, we have the very first photo of a Samsung Galaxy S10 in reddish-orange, which was sent to us from someone in China.

We previously saw the S10E in Canary Yellow with its dual rear camera, joining the colours Black, White and Green. Now, the Galaxy S10 has popped up in a new Cinnabar Red colour, more like a reddish-orange, joining previously known colours like Black, White and Green. With the wallpaper being an anime character.

The Galaxy S10 trio is expected to debut during or after the MWC 2019. Almost all the details of this device is now known, leaving little to the imagination.

The S10 has triple rear camera, just like the Galaxy S10 Plus, however, it has just a single selfie camera, while the S10 Plus has two of those. The S10E also has a single selfie camera just like the S10, but it sports just dual rear camera.


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