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Cryptocurrency Expanding As Prominent People Joins Various Blockchain Technology Firms

The former governor of France’s central bank, Christian Noyer has been hired as one of the directors of the British blockchain technology group in the name of Setl.

Setl is a financial company that came into existence in the year 2015 with an aim of focusing majorly in blockchain technology.

However, within the period of 2015 till date, Setl has built an infrastructure for blockchain alone and this infrastructure is for settlements and institutional payments and they have recorded about one billion transactions per day.

The founders of Setl have a believe that Christian Noyer’s joining their company will bring a whole new knowledge of wealth and also more experience in the financial, regulatory, economic management and many more experience from the central banking world to their company.

Noyer has a professional experience in the central bank of Europe where he was a vice president, he was also a Governor of the Banque de France between November 2003 and October 2015.

He also worked at the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance. His level of exposure, knowledge and experience will go a long way in the cryptocurrency world.

Another prominent person in the name of Joseph Lubin was also hired by a cryptocurrency industry in the name of ErisX. Lubin is the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and a founder of a blockchain tech company in the name of ConsenSys.

With prominent people hired in various blockchain technology groups we hope the cryptocurrency market becomes better than what we have. There are also many more prominent leaders in various blockchain firms.


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