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Bunker Alpha Code: Last Day On Earth Alpha Bunker Code, How To Get It

See daily Bunker Alpha Code and how to get daily bunker alfa code to use on Last Day On Earth daily here. You must be wondering, what is Bunker Alfa code on the game and why is it important. Well, up until version 1.5 players of the game can only hit the top of it, now that has changed.

Bunker Alpha Code

You can now access the lower floors and go all the way to the bottom. You will encounter zombies turret in the bunker. Just as we posted earlier, Last Day On Earth is a very interesting game you will enjoy playing. However, if you’re looking for the Bunker Alpha Code, we also got you covered. We will be showing you how to generate the code and the previous codes as well, so you’ll know how it looks like.

How To Know The Bunker Alpha Code (Bunker Alfa Code)

Bunker Alpha Code

The bunker code will be used daily, in order to know what exactly the bunker code is, we will be showing you below how to figure it out.

• First of all, you need to Open the Radio drawings.

• After doing that, you need to scrape it.

• Listen carefully, when the word “intercepted transmission” appears, you should be able to hear the code to the bunker.

Now, what do you need for a craft radio?

• pine planks
• 5 iron bars
• 1 wiring

You don’t need a card anymore to get to the bunker, there will be a weapons just like on Darkness Rises like AK-47, Minigun, paint and other goodies. The bunker will soon be expanded further so it can accommodate more items for you to claim. The Alfa code is typically 5 numbers, and will remain the same for two days before it’s changed. After all the explanation above, If you still don’t know what the alfa bunker code for today is and you want to know the Bunker code. Kindly drop a comment below and I will reply you immediately with the Alfa code of today.



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