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Does the Crypto Wallet on the Galaxy S10 series come pre-installed?

To answer the above question, yes, the Galaxy S10 series are preloaded with a cryptocurrency wallet and support Ethereum-based gam-focussed currency Enjin Coin, which was announced by the company at its Mobile Business Summit. There is reason, therefore, to believe that the Galaxy S10 device will pack Enjin wallet that allows transactions to be made for ERC-20 tokens and also ERC-1155 crypto game assets.

Founder of crypto investment company Mythos Can, Sean Adams, confirmed that its Korean version Galaxy S10 sure came with a built-in wallet. However, another user, who pointed out that the wallet requires installation on its Australian version. Although, Samsung responded saying that Australian customers were never promised the crypto wallet.

The Galaxy S10 also support select decentralized apps, that is Dapps. The major Dapp on the flagship devices is Cosmee thanks to the partners. Samsung is one of the smartphone manufacturing company that has produced cryptocurrency support in their top-end models, which permits users to save virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, adding to Cosmo Coin.

The pre-installed wallet on the Galaxy S10 is as a cold wallet, that is, the device does not need an active Internet connection to save and run cryptocurrencies.

Apparently, the company knows of the ever-growing implications of cryptocurrency. The in-built wallet also broadens the scope for more adoption, as users discover the utilization of a crypto wallet, instead of downloading manually and installing it.

However, it is uncertain if the cryptocurrency wallet will be on Galaxy S10 global units, or rather if it will be in scarce to select markets at first. We’ve reached out to Samsung for clarity on the development and will update this space accordingly.


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