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Bitcoin to reach $15,000 by December, will you buy now?

Couple of days from now, October 31st to be precise, the largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin will be clocking 9. Its the most famous and the first ever decentralized Cryptocurrency and it’s still going stronger despite lots of ups and downs.

Bitcoin to reach $15,000 by December

As at Last December 2017, one bitcoin was almost $20,000 and today one Bitcoin is about $6,500 and it is expected to hit $15,000 by December.

According to the Co-founder of a Cryptocurrency exchange CoinCorner, Danny Scott stated that they’ve been seeing a number of big companies beginning to buy bitcoin in bulk and they have been seeing few people willing to sell.

Bitcoin has been holding its price very well around $6,000 for four or five months now. If you look at historic trends, November and December typically have been our busier months.“

Scott also revealed CoinCorner has been seeing huge amounts of investment coming through from high net worth individuals and companies buying Bitcoin in high volumes. “This all adds to the increase and interest of the cryptocurrency during the festive period”, he added.

Generally, Cryptocurrency world has been fluctuating in their prices within the past few weeks. However, within the past 24hours there has been a level of stability among these prices as some of the Top 10 cryptocurrencies gained more to their prices while some lost a little percent of their Prices.

Bitcoin which is the largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap added 0.06% to its worth going from $6,454 to $6,458. Etherum, went from $202.333 to $202.442 gaining about 0.02% to its price. Ripple on the other hand lost 0.48% of it’s price, going from from $0.461300 to $ 0.4578.

While Litecoin gained 0.06% to its worth, it went from $51.891 to $52.047. Bitcoincash and Monero lost 0.17% and 0.60% respectively. Bitcoincash went from $439 to $438, while Monero also went from $103 to $104. Some other major cryptocurrencies also gained some percentages to their worth. Some of them include Dash and Zcash. Dash gained 0.95% to its worth, it went up from $155 to $157. Zcash also went from $120.688 to $121.247 gaining 0.44%.


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