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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple goes up as Litecoin and Monero crashes

The Cryptocurrency market has continued trading today as the prices has remained relatively stable over the past 24hours. Most of the Top 10 cryptocurrencies has been experiencing some insignificant fluctuations in their prices over the past few days.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple goes up as Litecoin and Monero crashes

According to a recent report from MarketsandMarkets, Cryptocurrency will grow to be a $1.4 trillion industry by 2024. The research group also predicts that the digital assets space will experience 6.18% annual growth.

This should increase the distributed ledger technology (DLT) transparency, high remittances in developing countries, fluctuations in monetary regulations and growth in venture capital investments. All these will be the driving forces behind this growth.

Bitcoin went from $6,443 to $6,481 gaining 0.32% to its worth as of this morning. Ethereum which is the second largest Cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization gained 1.14% to it’s worth and it’s now trading at $203 from its initial price which was $200. Ripple is up by 0.21% and its trading at $0.460, it was down at $0.453 hours ago.

Litecoin and Monero on the other hand, lost 0.03% and 0.53% each from their price going from $52.72 to $52.27 and $106 to $105 respectively. Bitcoincash also lost 0.14% from its worth trading at $440 from $444.

Some other major cryptocurrencies also experienced some losses in their prices over the past 24hours which are Dash and Zcash. Dash lost 0.05% of it’s price, it went from $156 to $155 while Zcash went from $125 to $122 losing about 1.55% of its price. Eos gained 0.37% going from $5.325 to $5.391.

The cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries have recently seen more adoption from institutional players, after Nasdaq revealed a new blockchain patent on October 23rd. The patent application by the world’s second largest stock exchange refers to “an information computer system which provides secure time-sensitive information to recipients via a blockchain.”


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