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ASUS endorses Cryptocurrency, partners with Quantumcloud

Tech giant, ASUS, has once again showed their commitment to mobile gamers and cryptocurrency as a whole. The Taiwan based company has just partnered with Quantumcloud, a professional digital agency with 15 years of existence.

The platform allows gamers to utilize idle GPUs to earn low-maintenance income, while doing what they enjoy most. Now, gamers can now earn passive income through cryptocurrency mining.

Even the core gamers don’t always play games on their PC 24 hours a day. So while the computer is idle, you now have the option to enable access to your computer equipment and mine cryptocurrencies.

According to Quantumcloud, earnings will be paid through PayPal or WeChat. Even though gamers won’t walk away with all the cryptocurrency mined, they will get a percentage of the total cloud mining profits. Well, this also depends on the computer power provided by the gamer.

ASUS also assures the Republic Of Gamers that user financial data will be secure, according to the General Data Protection Regulation.

Even though ASUS is kind of promoting digital currencies, we couldn’t say the same for Paul Donovan, who is the Chief Economist for UBS. In an interview with CNBC, the renowned Economist said that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are “skewed” and “fundamentally flawed”.


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