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ZTE debuts the Axon 10 Pro 5G device and Blade V10 mid-range beauty

Good news for all ZTE users and fans who have been anticipating a 5G smartphone from the company. We’re glad to announce to you that ZTE is not left behind in the 5G charade as they launch ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G. Also launched is the ZTE Blade V10.

The Axon Pro 5G ships with Qualcomm snapdragon 855 chipset and the 5G support is also powered by Qualcomm 5G chipset. Qualcomm is partnering with telecom companies like Hutchinson Drei, and Elisa carrier to ensure 5G support for the device across the globe before mid-year. The Axon 10 Pro has a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with in-display fingerprint support. It comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory.

Since triple-camera is the latest trend in smartphone world, the Axion pro features a triple camera too. The first one adopts a 48MP sensor, while the second one adopts a 20MP sensor and the third adopts an 8MP sensor all running on Android Pie powered by a 4000mAh battery.

The V10 on the other hand doesn’t have much spec available for now. We know it’ll ship with 3/4GB of RAM and 32/64GB of internal memory. Compared to the Axon 10 pro, it’ll come with a dual rear camera of 16MP and 5MP respectively. ZTE said the processor speed is 2.1 GHz with 3100mAh battery.

That’s all info available for now, except that we know the devices will be available in China, Europe and South America by March.


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