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Will Samsung & Opera Crytocurrency Wallets Encourage Bitcoin’s Global Adoption?

Better days are here for bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts at large as 2 tech giants take greatest steps towards cryptocurrency. Leaked photos of the latest upcoming Samsung flagship phone give insight that it might feature a cryptocurrency wallet.

If that’s the case, then the value of cryptocurrencies is sure to rise when the phone is eventually released as Samsung has millions of users worldwide. This will also serve as great encouragement for other companies to adopt cryptocurrency.

According to insiders, the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 will have cryptocurrency feature, probably a Blockchain tech that will support Ethereum, so users of the phone will be able to store the crypto on their mobile device.

Also, the latest opera android browser features a cryptocurrency wallet. With Opera’s userbase of 180 million across the globe, this is a big leap for the cryptocurrency industry. Users of the browser will be able to fund and send cryptocurrency from within the Opera browser. Scandinavian folks can now purchase crytocurrencies directly from the Opera web 3.0 browser.

Word also has it that Facebook may be venturing into cryptocurrency soon as they’ve already acquired their first blockchain company, and it’s also worth knowing that Facebook has over 40 Blockchain experts working with them.


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