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Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey spends $10,000 weekly on Bitcoin

CEO of Twitter and Square might have hinted recently that he spends up to $10,000 in Bitcoin every week. Jack Dorsey made this impression in his podcast with Tales from the Crypt on March 4. He said he’s been experimenting with bitcoin for a while and think Bitcoin and Twitter share some similarities.

He was commenting about something called “Stacking Saturday” where users buy $25 worth of Bitcoin every week to show the growing adoption of Bitcoin. Jack said, “I would have gotten more, but I’ve already maxed out my limit for the week”. Even though he didn’t mention the exact amount he spent on buying, but we know the maximum weekly purchase is $10,000.

Jack is known to believe that Bitcoin is the internet’s native currency. He said in an interview last month that “bitcoin was born on the internet, raised on the internet, tested on the internet, and for the internet”. This statement is a re-affirmation of his commend mid last year when he said that virtual currencies will eventually become the legitimate means of global payment.

Jack is not the only business mogul that is optimistic about cryptocurrency. Recently, we reported that the co-founder of Tesla also made positive comments as regards cryptocurrency.


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