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Tron Snatches Ethereum’s Spot As Bitcoin Lost Out Of Its Price

It seems Tron might snatch the spot of Ethereum this week. Ethereum has not been doing fine lately, we reported how Ripple snatched its spot last week.

However, as at the time of writing this, Tron has taken the number 9th position among all cryptocurrencies. According to the Coinmarketcaps data, Tron has gained 1.19% to its price while Ethereum lost -1.47% from its price which isn’t a good thing.

Tron also has over 100 full fuctioning dApps which is not so with Ethereum. Tron has a higher output of 2,000 TPS, while Ethereum has an output of 25 TPS which isn’t a good sign either. Tron might just be the next big thing after Bitcoin.

The regulatory status of the Bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) has kept us wondering, This is because the U.S. SEC is yet to approve it. However, some people believe the cryptocurrency market is not yet a big place to handle such investment.

While some people don’t expect the Bitcoin’s Exchange-Traded Funds to hit it big in many months to come.

However, can this be what happened to Bitcoin as it lost part of its price drastically and it is now trading at $3,200. Though buyers are planning to buy now with the hope that it may regain its lost price.

We all had high hopes at the beginning of the year due to the fact that Bitcoin was doing fine but it has refused to break higher. This is simply giving us a sign that there might still be a lot of unforseen problems going on in the cryptocurrency world presently.


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