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The Russia Government Might Just Invest In Bitcoin

According to Bill Miller, who is the founder of Miller Value Partners has expressed his uncertainty about Bitcoin later in future.

According to the interview, he granted with CNBC, he said that Bitcoin might gain so many percentages to its price, which will make Bitcoin worth a lot.

However, it’s also possible that Bitcoin might not even gain any percentage or anything higher percentage to its price which won’t make Bitcoin to worth anything at all.

His reason for making this statement is because of the patterns that has been displayed by Bitcoin over the past few years as it rises in its price and later on lose so much percentages of its price.

However, this statement has not made investors to stop investing in the coin as people and even some countries are also investing.

The government of Russia is seriously thinking and delebrating on investing some billions of dollars in Bitcoin. If the government of Russia invests in Bitcoin it will have a very good impact in the cryptocurrency market and even cause a rapid increase in the price of Bitcoin.

An Economics professor in Russia in the name name of Vladislav Ginko said that investors will store their wealth in Bitcoins and that the investors are allegedly being forced to dump the US Dollars.

We sincerely hope the Russian Government invests in Bitcoin as it would cause a great increase in the price of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world in general.


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