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The Bitcoin Atomic Swaps By Qtum Is Here

The Bitcoin atomic swaps has recently been introduced by Qtum. Atomic swaps is a system that enables cryptocurrencies investors the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrecies from each other without an exchange infrastructure or a third party.

The Hash Time-Locked Contracts (HTLCs) technology was used to implement the Bitcoin Atomic swaps with a code of the open source currency, which is a very safe way of implementing the Bitcoin atomic swaps.

The officials of the Qtum platform also revealed other plans to create the “0 Value UTXOs,” platform that will give the Bitcoin atomic swaps users that don’t have the Qtum tokens the opportunity to interact with the smart contract.

This means that a third party can pay the fee since they don’t have the Qtum tokens. Qtum generally allows the decentralized applications (DApps) and they also accepts the smart contracts. As at the time of reporting this Qtum gained 2.6% to it’s price and it is trading at $2.39 presently.

However, looking at the differences between Qtum and Ethereum (which also accepts the smart contracts and DApps) is that the Blockchain of Qtum allows users the opportunity to make lightweight smart contract interactions.

Qtum gave a Columbian university research team $400,000 in December 2018, to enable them develop the smart contract programming language.

The Bitcoin atomic swaps is a good thing that will really give people the opportunity to exchange any cryptocurrency of their choice and we also hope other blockchain platform emulate this development.


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