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Teachable Review: Pricing, Courses, Alternatives & App Download

Teachable is a website that focuses on bringing teachers and Learners together. On teachable, there are a lot of creators with different skills to teach anybody willing to learn and expand their skill set. The website has all the tools needed to help you pass your knowledge across while also following on your student’s progress. It is kinda like being a coach with a lot of virtual students, unlike Kartra.



The website is made of people who are willing to take out their time to detail things down about how to do various things from cooking to video editing and much more. You can also get a fitness trainer or be one on the website. Now, for a creator, teachable has made the process very easy tor your with a lot of tools made available on their website which is your disposal to effectively pass on whatever skill you’re trying to pass on.

Teachable Pricing

The platform has over 100,000 active creators who use teachable to share their knowledge with the millions of people who flood the website willing to learn a new skill. As a creator or coach, you get to choose how much you make your courses or how much to “Share your knowledge”. Thankfully, some creators on the website put their courses for free, but the vast majority have a price tag on theirs ranging from as low as $50 to $499 depending on the course.

Using Teachable As A Learner


Using the website is pretty easy as both a creator and a learner, thanks to the intuitive user interface. From the learner’s perspective, all you have to do is log on to the website, register with your details and means of payment and start looking for a course to sign up for. You can use the search button to search for any course you have in mind or navigate to the free courses section and choose a course.

Teachable Courses

On the page of a new course lies the details of the course starting with a short video detailing what the course entails. Below that will be the price, 3 or more keys things about that particular course and the possible outcome of taking the course. Next is the course description where the coach talks about the course in detail along with the things you’ll learn during this course. For alternatives, you can check below the article.


Last but not least is the course curriculum which contains the parts, section and the steps the sources will take and each topic that will be touched upon. Underneath that is a small biography of the coach or creator that created the course. After going through all these, you can then buy the course by clicking on “Buy Now” and completing the payment form to purchase the course. If the course happens to be free, you’ll get an “Enroll Now” option instead of of the “Buy Now”

Teachable Login

All you have to do is sign up on the website teachable.com, create your school with the available tools and wait for people who are interested in your course(s), either free or paid, to sign and the teaching will commence. You also get to choose the payment plan you want as a Creator/Coach if your courses are paid – a one-time payment or multiple payments over time. That’s pretty it, all you have to do now is to teach your new student(s).


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