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Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S10 will come with a Crypto Wallet

Korean tech giant, Samsung is reportedly creating a crypto wallet into its next flagship smartphone, tagged “Galaxy S10” which is an update to the Galaxy S9. The device which is expected to hit the stores in Q2 of 2019, will be used to store cryptocurrencies securely using a cold wallet.

The phone will also feature a cryptocurrency ‘hot’ wallet for transactions as well. According to the source, the cold wallet will be used to import existing wallets from trusted services such as MetaMask or TrustWallet.

Of course, Samsung won’t have any kind of access to any of the data stored on the phone. This will allow users feel safe and can access their cryptocurrencies anytime they want.

Although, we reached out to a Samsung rep about more info about the crypto wallet on the next flagship and they assured us that it was just a “rumour”. This means Samsung isn’t ready to reveal or let the world know that they are creating a wallet till it’s finalized.

The company also went further stating, ““unfortunately we are unable to provide any information as that was just a rumor and speculation”.

Well, one thing is for sure, Samsung filed three E.U trademark requests on the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) site, citing Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain Key Box and Blockchain Core as properties.

This could only mean that the next Samsung device might be Blockchain-focused and equipped with crypto-technology, even though the company does not want to reveal the proposed usage of the above properties.


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