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Samsung Exynos 5433 Octa Review, Phones, Specs, Benchmarks

The Samsung Exynos 5433 Octa (also called Exynos 7 Octa) is a 64-bit capable chip for smartphones and tablets. This particular chipset was launched around the same time when Samsung Galaxy 4 was released then in October 2014. The chipset features four cortex-A57 cores with maximum clock speed at 1.9GHz. There are also another 4 cortex-A53 cores with maximum clock speed at 1.3GHz.

Samsung Exynos 5433 Octa

The cortex-A57 and cortex-A53 are both successors of the cortex-A15 and cortex-A7 architecture that was previously launched. Both cortex-A57 and cortex-A53 have 64-bit capability and also multi-threaded capability just like Nvidia Tegra K1, though they’re a little bit above Apple A8. We must out that when single threaded benchmark is taken, the dual-core A8 is above the cortex-A53 and cortex-A57.

It is clear that the cortex-A57 cores will seamlessly handle complex software and games, and the System-on-chip can alternate to the cortex-A51 cores when the device is not running high performance apps. When needed, it’s possible to activate specific cores from the clusters, or even activate all the cores at once.

Samsung Exynos 5433 Graphics

The Exynos 7 Octa ships with a Mali-T760 MP6 GPU which is claimed to offer six clusters, though we can’t verify that yet. These clusters are said to be able to max up to 700 MHz, it supports various graphics rendering programming interfaces like DirectX 11, OpenGL ES 3.1 and OpenCL 1.1, and the performance is similar to that of Adreno 420 (which is on the Snapdragon 805) and the Apple A8. These configurations positioned this GPU as one of best high-performing GPU in the year 2014.

Samsung Exynos 5433 Processor

Though the Exynos 5433 doesn’t presently support 64-bit code, it however takes advantage of the architectural improvement in the ARM’s of the cortex-A53 and cortex-A57 running AMRv8 instruction set. This improvement in the A50’s is expected to have positive impact on the power consumption as well due to the power management and retention feature. It has an Octa-core processor just like the Snapdragon 835.

Process Technology (nm)

Though all we’ve pointed above might seem to mean that the Exynos 5433 Graphics is simply a modified version of the previous chip set, we can tell you that it’s actually a new chip set. The chipset came as a surprise to many, it was built using Samsung’s 20nm manufacturing process, the set of cores resulted in a 57% increase in power efficiency when compared to the previous model Exynos 5. The next chipset in this series is the Exynos 7.

Benchmarks (AnTuTu)

Over at AnTuTu, specifically on the version 5, the chip reaches a low of 50779, avg of 51543.5, median of 51543.5 and max points of 52308.

Samsung Exynos 5433 Phones

• Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
• Samsung Galaxy Note 4
• Samsung Galaxy Note Egde

Samsung Exynos 5433 Full Specifications

Chipset Details

Series Exynos
Codenames Cortex-A57/A53
Announced 2014
Released 2014
Number Of Cores 8-Cores
Clock Speed 1900MHz
Process Technology 20nm
CPU Octa-core 1.9GHz
Cores 8-Cores
Bit Architecture 64-bit
GPU (Graphics) ARM Mali-T760 MP6
GPU (Cores) 2-Cores
GPU (Frequency) 700MHz
Memory Speed 1650MHz
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