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Ripple XRP reaches One-Month High, Overtakes Bitcoincash in Marketcap

Over the past one month XRP has surprisingly gone up by 6% in value and went as high as $0.529 as of the time of writing this. Interestingly, within the past 7 days the market capitalization of Ripple moved from its lower price to a whooping sum of $2.1 billion.

Ripple XRP reaches One-Month High

This could be because of the number of major banks adopting the technology of Ripple Labs. It overtook Bitcoincash, which had an impressive week and sits pretty at the 2nd position just under Bitcoin. With Bitcoincash sitting pretty at the third place, while Ethereum and Eos completes the top 5.

The Cryptocurrency world in general has gained some percentages to their prices this week making their prices go higher. Coins like Zcash and Basic Attention Token (BAT) gained 4-6% to their prices.

This new development has made the Cryptocurrency market to be very stable in the past 24hours as the Top 10 Cryptos experienced a slight increase to their prices.

Bitcoin gained 0.02% to its worth going from $6,417 to $6,434. Ripple which is now the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization overtaking Bitcoincash from its spot and the best performer today gained a great 8.26%. The cryptocoin went from $0.498 to $0.539.

Ethereum went up from $207 to $211 gaining about 1.14% to it’s worth. Bitcoincash gained $565 from $553 with 0.98% added. Eos and Monero gained 2.45% and 0.32% to their prices each.

Eos went from $5.469 to $5.610, while Montero went up to $112 from $111. Other major cryptocurrencies like Zcash and Litecoin gained 2.06% and 1.45% to their prices. Zcash went high to $125 from $121, while Litecoin went from $53 to $54.


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