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Relic Seeker Hypogeum MOD APK Hack Cheats Unlimited Clues, Tips

Download Relic Seeker Hypogeum MOD APK hack here for mobile with cheats and enjoy unlimited clues. This game was selected for the top 10 at the Google Play Indie games festival. A 3D puzzle adventure game that will keep you cracking your brain the whole time. Enjoy this adventure game in a magnificent ancient underground ruins. You will be Lewis Deacon, a Archaeologist who begins a journey to investigate an ancient temple.

Relic Seeker Hypogeum MOD APK

This came as a request of a certain institution, as you begin to explore the site, you learn a lot is stories that has been engraved with marks on walls. You later learn it’s all related to aliens that once visited the earth a long time ago. As you go deep into the ruins you begin to solve the puzzles and learn everything that happened, with more bigger secrets unveiled. This is more fun than just running on Lara Croft Relic Run, Sky Dancer Run, Street Chaser and Dog Run Pet Dog Simulator.

Download Relic Seeker Hypogeum Hack Cheats Unlimited Clues

Relic Seeker Hypogeum MOD APK

The hack link below should help you with unlimited clues, this will let solve the puzzles faster. You also get unlimited money which can be used to purchase items and more. This should make you enjoy the game, even though that might make the game boring if you ask me.

Nonetheless, I will be leaving a link below for you to download the Relic Seeker Hypogeum hacked and modified version. If you need unlimited clues as well then the Relic Seeker Hypogeum MOD APK download link below which has been heavily modified should also help you achieve that. Please note that you’re advised to download the game from the Google Play Store link. We always recommend you install the game from the Play Store below.

Download from Google Play

Download Relic Seeker Hypogeum MOD APK + OBB Offline

Trust me, you don’t want to hack the game because you might get banned with all your progress deleted. But you can still get unlimited clues when you download the modified version below and enjoy the game now with everything unlocked. You don’t need any hack tool, just go ahead and download Relic Seeker Hypogeum MOD APK + OBB data file below and play offline.

==> NB: Please note that we typically don’t support downloading APK apps because of the danger it brings and the unknown virus that might find its way to your device. But if you still insist, then you can go ahead and follow the instructions below to download the mod version directly.

• Download MOD APK, open this link (dl.dlandroid.com/games/Relic-Seeker-Hypogeum-VR[dlandroid.com].apk) in a new tab

• Download OBB, open this link (douploads.com/oj5s6331mvho) in a new tab.

• Download MOD APK, don’t Install yet.

• Download OBB

• Unzip/Extract the downloaded OBB, and put in the given path of the APK file: “/sdcard/Android/obb/”

• Install and Enjoy!


We actually don’t encourage downloading APK or Modified apps outside the Google Play Store. You may end up downloading a virus that will slow down or even break your phone. You can click on the first link above and download the game, then you can support the developer by making an in-app purchase if there’s one.


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