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Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T Review, Specs & Phones

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 was the best to get in the technology market as Qualcomm proved to be the king of mobile processors with production of high-end, mid-range and low-end platforms. This no doubt has been countered effortlessly by the China based company Mediatek. This review however is centered on the Snapdragon 600 chipset in order to give users what to expect in their smartphones and gadgets powered by this processor.

The Snapdragon 600 is a mid-range system on a chip built for majorly Android based smartphones and tablets. The chip was introduced in early 2013 comes with a quad-core CPU which is designed for longer lasting battery life and faster connectivity boost for browsing, perfect for high-tier Smartphones and advanced gadgets. The Snapdragon 600 is the processor built for over 90% of Samsung mid-range chipset that year, just like the Exynos 7885 and Snapdragon 712 is now.

Process Technology

The 600 is manufactured in a 28nm TSMC’s LP process. The 28nm process technology is developed for applications that require the highest performance with lower power consumption. The 28nm technology is capable of supporting a wide range of applications, including CPUs GPUs, high speed networking chips and gadgets. In general, the 28nm integrates an overall better chip performance.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Processor

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T

As a high-end system on a chip, the SD600 chip has four ARMv7 compatible krait-300 cores. Krait is a codename for Qualcomm’s ARMv7 microprocessor. The Krait 300 has an estimated performance clocked up to 1.9GHz. In addition, The Krait 300 CPU features a prefetcher that can grab data from main memory and move it into the L2 Cache.

It can also record improvement in FP and Javascript performance. In general, there’s a noticeable 15% increase in performance at the same clock speed. According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 600 has about 40% increase in overall CPU performance compared to the Snapdragon S4 Pro.

Snapdragon 600 Graphics

Graphics otherwise called the GPU (graphical processing unit) in chipsets are invariably measured in performance in order to appreciate the optical illusion. The SD600 integrates an enhanced Adreno 320 GPU which is estimated to offer higher clock rates.

The Adreno 320 uses a technology called Flex Render which can switch between Tile Based Renderer and classic direct rendering offering a 300% increase in in GPU performance. With its powerful graphic unit can therefore play Ultra HD videos four times the resolution of 1080p footage. It also incorporates a broad sensor for advanced application enablement. It has a capability of 21MP dual camera and its graphics as well supports Open GL ES3.0.


It supports Wifi 802.11n/ac which is clocked at 2.4/5 GHz offering a faster wireless connectivity as well as an integrated digital core. It also features the Hexagon DSP which enables Ultra-low power operation for various applications like playback of music, enhanced audio, video effects as well as an enhanced computer vision processing.

Furthermore, it features Bluetooth 4.0 and the Qualcomm Quick Charge 1.0 which Qualcomm measured to have a 40% faster battery charging.

Benchmarks (AnTuTu)

Over at AnTuTu, specifically on the version 4, the chip reaches a low of 21654, avg of 25231.3, median of 26447 and max points of 27593.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Phones

• HTC One Max
• LG G Pad 8.3
• Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T Full Specifications

Chipset Details

Series Snapdragon
Codenames Krait-300
Announced 2013
Released 2013
Number Of Cores 4-Cores
Clock Speed 1700MHz
Process Technology 28nm
CPU Quad-core 1.7GHz
Cores 4-Cores
Bit Architecture 32-bit
GPU (Graphics) Adreno 320
GPU (Cores) 2-Cores
GPU (Frequency) 650MHz
Memory Speed 833MHz
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