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PrimeOS Download Mainline & Standard Android Version

PrimeOS aims to provide you with that sweet desktops experience on the familiar operating system – Android – with access to millions of Android apps available. According to the developers, “it aims to bring you the best of both worlds” (Android and PC). It transforms your windows or macOS to Android in just a few clicks, giving you access to all of the Android functionalities as well as their apps and games.

PrimeOS Exe Installer: Dual-Boot


With PrimeOS installed on your Windows PC or MacBook, you’ll automatically have a dual-boot PC with two different operating systems which you can shuttle between, depending on what you wanna do. For example, let us say I want to run an exe or ISO file, I can simply boot up my PC normally and run the software. However, if I want to run an android app or play an android game, I can as well boot up to the already installed OS.


While it is basically Android for PC, a lot of features have been baked into the operating system to make it more suitable for PC and to deliver the completed desktop experience. First, it now has a mouse on screen for easy navigation as not all PC are touch screen and most have the mouse as their primary source of input. Secondly, they have also been given a taskbar to complete that desktop feel.


The taskbar on the operating system comes with the completed desktop package like being able to pin apps to the taskbar, showing notifications as well as app icons and active connections on the taskbar. It is also able to minimise and open back apps like you would normally do on Windows/macOS. You can also resize the app window and close them using the x at the top right corner. All these and many more features will have you thinking it is actually windows/macOS which runs android apps. Keyboard combinations like alt + tab, alt + f4 etc also work flawlessly on PrimeOS.

Pure Android Experience

My favourite and perhaps the best part of the OS is that it gives the AOSP experience. It has no third-party apps and is clean upon installation with just the necessary apps and features. This makes the speed and performance of the overall operating system very fast. It is also good for playing Android games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Apex Legends and comes with a key mapping tool to help you map your keyboard to the on-screen controls. Some popular games have already been mapping and will automatically designate a key for each on-screen control upon download.

How To Download and Install PrimeOS On Your PC

  • First things first, you’ll need to download the installer Here (primeos.in/download/) which is both in exe and ISO format for Windows and macOS respectively. (There are three versions, Classic, Standard and Mainline. You’ll have to choose one)

  • Launch the Exe installer you’ve downloaded, Select a drive to make a partition on that drive and input the amount of GB you want the operating system to be able to use. 50GB, 100GB etc

  • Install and Wait for the installation process to be begin. Ignore all the pop ups asking you for a new partition.

  • Next, Your PC will restart and the installation will begin.

  • Once the process is done, you’ll get to choose between booting Windows/macOS or PrimeOS (Android).

  • Select PrimeOS and you’re good to go. (First boot takes time, so be patient).

Now you can run Android apps and games on your PC comfortably.


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