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Phoenix OS Download Requirements To Run Android Apps On PC

Are you looking for ways to run Android apps and games on your PC? Or you’re just tired of the Operating system (windows/macOS) your PC is currently running on and want to see what Android looks on a bit screen? If your answer to these questions is Yes then Phoenix OS got you covered.

Is Phoenix OS Android x86?

Phoenix OS

For those who don’t already know, PhoenixOS is basically Android x86 which has been tweaked to run on PC. It is similar to a Chromebook or any other PC running the Android operating system. However, in the case of Pheonix OS, you get to keep running the operating system your PC has, either windows or macOS, while still being able to run sideload and run Android. This is similar to a PC with dual-boot comprising of both Windows/macOS and Android.

Phoenix OS Alternatives

Now, there are a lot of other alternatives to the Phoenix OS which provides basically the same thing it offers – being able to run Android on your PC without deleting or removing your existing operating system. However, I can’t say for certain that PheonixOS is better than its competitors. What I can say, is that PheonixOS is arguably the best when it comes to gaming.

A lot of the other alternatives to PhoenixOS specialises in one aspect and use that as their selling point in differentiating themselves from the rest. PheonixOS selling point is that it focuses on gaming. Not to say that it doesn’t perform well in other aspects but it focuses majorly on gaming and has a lot of features for that purpose. So if you’re looking to run Android on your PC for playing Android games then you definitely need PheonixOS.


As Expected of an OS focused on gaming, it comes with various features to give you the best gaming experience. First, it has a unique and easy to use keymapping feature which allows you to map controls on the screen to different keyboards inputs and mouse. It also allows you to use gamepads if you want as another form of input while playing Android games through the USB port.

Asides from gaming features, you can minimise the PhoenixOS while still running an android app in the PhoenixOS. This gives to flexibility and freedom to run both an android app in the PheonixOS and a windows software in windows, simultaneously. App cloning is also a thing here as you can clone apps in the Pheonix OS to have two or more of the same app but working as a totally different app.

How To Download and Install Phoenix OS On Your PC

Downloading and Installing the Phoenix OS is pretty simple and Straightforward. All you have to do is head to the download portal on PheonixOS website, Download and Install. But first, you’ll have to check some boxes.

• Your PC/Computer must have an Intel x86 processor and free internal storage of more than 5GB.

• The Download package is in exe and ISO format and is about 500MB – 1.5GB for Windows and macOS respectively. You can down it here (phoenixos.com/en/download_x86)

• During installation, do NOT choose a folder, Choose a Storage (Hard disk) and run as administrator. This drive should have at least 5GB of free space.

• After the installation, Reboot your PC and Choose PheonixOS from the startup menu to boot Android. First boot takes time as it will have to setup some things in the background while optimizing the PC. Subsequent startups will be faster.


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