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Opera introduces new Opera Browser with Crypto Wallet

Opera’s new “Web 3-ready” browser for Android has been announced, the browser comes loaded with a cryptocurrency wallet integration and support both Bitcoin, Ethereum and decentralized applications (dApps) for cryptocurrency transactions.

This is according to Charles Hamel, who is the Product Manager of Opera Crypto who made the statement. This makes Opera the first major browser with built-in crypto wallet.

People will be able to “use cryptocurrencies online and access Web 3 via special apps or extensions”, the statement further explained.

When asked why the company included Ethereum and ignored other top cryptocurrencies, Hamel further explained that Ethereum was added because it has the “largest community of developers building dApps”.

As most tech companies are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies, it seems people perpetrating extortion in the United States are now accepting cryptocurrencies as well.

There has been a huge fake bomb threats in the US demanding Bitcoins. The bomb threats were sent out to schools, offices and other business locations in North Carolina, Atlanta, Salem and Missoula.

The extortionists were demanding $20,000 in BTC, because Bitcoin is a popular currency for seemingly anonymous transactions.


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