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Odyssey, Ripple experience massive gains as other Cryptocurrencies crash

The Cryptocurrency world has been almost stable these past few weeks, with the top 20 performing cryptocurrencies steadily maintaining their prices. However, in the past 24 hours most of the Cryptocurrencies lost a percentage of their prices due to certain uncertainties. Few hours ago, Michael Novogratz who is the CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners and former Fortress hedge fund manager said he doesn’t think Bitcoin will reach $9,000 again this year.

Well, this must have affected the Cryptocurrency and others as their prices dropped a little. Bitcoin lost about 0.48% of its worth, going from $6,532 to $6,497. Ethereum also went from $225 to $216, losing about 2.02% of its entire worth. Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin also experienced a price dip as well, losing about 2.56% and 2.44% in prices. Their prices went from $533 to $518 and $59.7 to $58.0 respectively.

This statement however didn’t affect Ripple and Odyssey. This might be because of the ongoing Ripple’s two-day Swell conference in San Francisco. The coin went from $0.50 to $0.53 gaining about 1.92% of its worth. While Odyssey on the other hand has been quite a performer this past few weeks. The Cryptocurrency gained an astonishing 31.12% of its worth, going from $0.009 to $0.012. A new entry to the top 20 is UnitedBitcoin which also experienced growth, it went from $2 to $2.46, gaining almost 2.99%.


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