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Nexo.io Review: The World’s First Platform To Give Instant Crypto Loans

Nexo.io is a platform where users can get world’s first instant crypto loans using their cryptocurrencies. The website encourages people not to sell their cryptocurrency, but use it to get instant loan from Nexo. Potential investors can receive immediate funding based on the market value of their Bitcoin, Ethereum or other liquid cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets or utility tokens.


The platform boasts of a live automated system that is fully operational and offers instant lending to users. While using the platform, I noticed the seamless user experience and military-grade security that has been encrypted with 256-bit. You have nothing to worry about, the company already partnered with BitGo to secure all assets.


How Does The Nexo.io Instant Loans Work?

It’s very easy to get a crypto-backed loan from Nex than on Branch. All you need to do is visit the website and follow the steps below.


• Enter the loan amount you would like to request and click on “Next”.

• You will be asked to input your email address and password to register.

• Then you will be asked to deposit crypto assets to your Nexo wallet.

• Depending on the amount of crypto you deposit, a loan becomes instantly available for you to claim.


• You can request for a Nexo credit card or withdraw the money straight to your local bank account.

• There’s no minimum loan repayments or any hidden fees of such, however, you should note that interest will be debited from your available limit.

Is Nexo.io Scam?

The platform is not scam, well, not yet. The funding is a simple process, and they call it “Instant Funding” because you get your loan almost immediately. As long as you deposit some cryptos, be sure of a guaranteed approval. You also get to keep all Crypto profits with no hidden fees.

According to its website, the platform claims to have given out over $1 billion in crypto-backed loans with over 40,000 active accounts and has been around for 10 years. You can watch the video below for more or visit the website www.nex.io


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